Psac Collective Agreement 2017 Eg Group

The PSAC Collective Agreement 2017 EG Group: What You Should Know

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is a union representing over 180,000 members across Canada. The union has negotiated collective agreements on behalf of its members in various sectors, including the federal government, universities, and transportation. One of the collective agreements negotiated by PSAC was for the EG Group in 2017.

The EG Group is a group of federal government employees who work in the Technical Services (TC) and Operational Services (SV) classifications. This includes employees who perform duties related to engineering, trades, mechanics, and other technical roles.

The collective agreement negotiated by PSAC and the EG Group in 2017 was a four-year agreement, which ran from 2014 to 2018. The agreement included several provisions that impacted members of the EG Group.

One of the key provisions in the agreement was related to pay increases. The agreement provided for a 1.25% pay increase in the first year, followed by 1.25% in the second year, 1.5% in the third year, and 1.5% in the fourth year. This meant that members of the EG Group saw an increase in their pay each year of the agreement.

Another provision in the agreement related to leave. The agreement provided for an increase in vacation leave entitlement for members of the EG Group who had completed at least six years of continuous service. The entitlement increased from four weeks to five weeks per year.

The agreement also included provisions related to benefits. Members of the EG Group were eligible for a range of benefits, including extended health care, dental care, and vision care. The agreement also provided for a long-term disability plan for members of the EG Group.

In addition to these provisions, the agreement also covered a range of other issues, including job security, work hours, and health and safety. The agreement was the result of negotiations between PSAC and the government, with input from members of the EG Group.

Overall, the PSAC Collective Agreement 2017 EG Group was an important agreement for members of the EG Group. The agreement provided for pay increases, improved leave entitlements, and a range of benefits. It also addressed issues related to job security, work hours, and health and safety. As a result, members of the EG Group were able to continue providing valuable technical and operational services to the federal government.

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